Thursday, September 2, 2010

" Gitta " Model Seksi Majalah Popular Agustus 2010

"Gitta" popular magazines Indonesian sexy models





GITTA "Underwater Desire"

It was not only her face visible only unusual, exotic girls are also fond of doing crazy things. One of them is underwater in a state of half drunken sex.
Already many men became victims of a complete girl named Gitta P. This Bachtiar. They fooled exotic face and his accent. Because no one can guess the nationality virgin birth of Jakarta, June 30, 1989, she was free to choose citizenship when meeting new people. Even where it resides now no one thought she was an Indonesian.

Youngest of five children was indeed the center complete business studies at Sunway University College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. "In Malaysia, even in Indonesia, many people do not believe I'm an Indonesian. There are also benefits because people can say anything. Half European, Malaysian, Indian, Mexican, all sorts deh, "she murmured with a nice British accent in the ear.

Dual citizenship opportunity not be wasted by a mixture of Indonesian-Scottish woman to do this for fun. "I really often to work on people. When it was at a club in Bali. Because my english accent is more American, I tell you from Venezuela with messy language, and they believe. Fun-godain really can tease people, "she recalls, laughing.

Besides being applied for the curious, still face a lot of beautiful women exactly like Bella Swan in the Twilight movie is also drawing a lot of talent in the country as a model neighbor. She recently completed a new video clips of the UK band called Nuevo. "I do not know, they say I'm different. Exotic difference, "she said.

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